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A Birthtday Wish

Posted by phillowjunkies on May 4, 2010

gak berasa, dah ulang tahun yang ketiga.. jadi inget harapannya di ulang tahunnya kemaren, tahun depan masih saling menyayangi… im just so in love with you, Fer!

A Birthday wish for my special love,

Message sent by the purest dove.
Wishing you happiness and success,
With eternal love, I must profess.

I celebrate your birth today,
A gorgeous prince you always portray.
Best friends and lovers all in one,
We always have the greatest fun.

I only wish the best for you,
New experiences we will always pursue.
On this special birthday, I’ll hold you tight,
As our flames of love, begin to ignite.

-wish you were here with me today-


4 Responses to “A Birthtday Wish”

  1. adhit said

    hiks9 tenkyu sayangq cintaq, senangnyaaa, mudah2an thn depan bs ngerayain ma anak2 kt.. Amien..

  2. […] ini telah menemani diriku berbuat sedikit rusuh di jagat rimba dunia maya. Dia juga mengirimkan harapan dan doanya serta repot-repot mau membuatkan diriku nasi kuning. Makasih ya sayang ya , dan tidak lupa buat […]

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